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You still can’t pressure wash because we are still in a Drought.

We’re still in a drought?
Even though we have had all this rain!

That means you are still not able to pressure wash your driveway or sidewalk or even your house without having a professional do it for you. Even though with all the humidity and rain, the mold and mildew seems to grow faster. Sort of a catch 22. So how do we overcome this and keep up your property maintenance without hiring someone to pressure wash every 3 to 6 months?

There is a simple solution, a little secret that I learned while cleaning roofs. You can chemically clean your sidewalks and driveways with the following solution. You take a garden pump-up sprayer, preferably a 2 gallon. Mix 1 gallon water, three quarters of the gallon of pool bleach and 1 pound of TSP or tri sodium phosphate. Tri sodium phosphate will dissolve faster in warm water. Be careful to use rubber gloves when mixing the solution. Spray generously on the affected areas and just let it set, no rinsing is needed. When it rains it will reactivate the chemical and clean some more.

This will also ultimately help you with the maintenance of your property by not having to pressure clean it will also help you conserve on water and keep those disliked letters from the Homeowners Association from coming to your door.

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