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Roof Cleaning Results:

These are the latest videos of the Roof Cleanings that I've done. All come with either a 1000 day guarantee or a 5 year guarantee. If if has to be re-cleaned within that time frame we will do it at our expense - within 48 hours of your notifying us.

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  • Cleaning Your Birdcage – Pro Pressure Washer Tips

    If you have an outdoor pool in Florida, you know what cleaning your birdcage means. Because of bugs, birds and even lizards, having your pool enclosed in a screened enclosure that, yes, looks like a birdcage, is a necessity. Because it’s mostly screening, power washing is a seriously bad idea. It does get dirty with […]

  • 3 Tips To Washing Your Windows and Making Them Shine

    The windows in your home let in light, and nothing shows up more than when they are dirty. Let’s be real, washing your windows is a real pain. But it’s a necessary pain.
    Your home will look better inside and out when they are clean. Elite Home Services does not offer window cleaning services but […]

  • Paver Cleaning Tips | How To Clean Your Pavers

    Summer is waning and your pool deck is looking a bit worse for the wear. With all of the swimming and summer entertaining your deck has stains and dirt. Time to clean your pavers. Here are some tips to get it done.
    First, you’ll need a good cleanser
    You have two options if you want to make […]