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Roof Cleaning Results:

These are the latest videos of the Roof Cleanings that I've done. All come with either a 1000 day guarantee or a 5 year guarantee. If if has to be re-cleaned within that time frame we will do it at our expense - within 48 hours of your notifying us.

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  • Perfect Pavers – Why You Should Treat Your Driveway and Pool Pavers With A Sealant

    You’ve heard people tell you about how they sealed their paver pool deck or driveway and you should too. But why?
    Your pavers look fine. Don’t you want to keep them that way? That would be why you should treat your driveway and pool pavers and keep them looking great. You spent a lot of money […]

  • How Long Should Your Roof Cleaning Last

    Your roof looks awful. You know it and worry that others are thinking you should be doing something about it. They’re right, you should. But don’t just go to Google and pick the first ad listing that pops up. People pay to have that top ad position! Choose a professional who knows what they are […]

  • Driveway Maintenance – Fall Cleaning Your Concrete Driveway

    Summer is coming to an end and the kids are back to school. Your driveway has taken a beating this summer. Between the sun, dirt and grime from rain storms, oil spots from vehicles and kids playing on it with sidewalk chalk and the like, it needs some TLC.
    Dirt and grime
    The daily or almost daily […]