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Are You Finally Ready To Properly Paint Your Home?

Painter-DaveIf you are looking for a professional painter that will properly paint your home at the lowest possible price, then this will be the most important message that you read.

Hi! My name is Dave Negri, and this is my company.

For the past 23 years I’ve been in service to families, just like yours, in the greater Tampa Bay area, helping them properly paint and care for their homes.

The weather here in Florida is murder to a home’s structural integrity. The humidity can kill the wood. You see, the Florida humidity and rain causes the wood to expand and contract all day, every day. When this happens it creates cracks. At first it is only micro-fractures. These micro-fractures, sometimes not even visible to the naked eye, allow pests like termites and mildew spores into the wood.

Termites will, as we all know, eat you out of house and home! But the mildew spores are even worse. Once these spores take root, they start to eat at the wood from the inside out.

When left untreated, these pests lead to wood rot. A very expensive problem to fix…

To combat this, your paint needs to do more than leave a striking appearance. It must defend your property by placing a shield around all the wood, Sheetrock, joints and fasteners.

We use paint that has been specially created, that while being environmentally safe, will provide a force field-like barrier of protection on everything it covers.

Don’t Ask For This From Any Other Painter…

Because of the extra care that we put into properly painting your home, I am the only painting contractor that is able to offer a written 10 year guarantee for your paint job.

I, Dave Negri, personally give you a 10 YEAR GUARANTEE:

  • Against chipping, peeling or blistering
  • Against Chalking
  • Against Excessive Fading
  • Against Mildewing

This guarantee is even transferable to a new home owner. This allows you to get more for your home if you decide to sell. (We provide a written guarantee before we start that you can give to the new owners.)

You will be thrilled with your finished work, but if for some reason our paint doesn’t hold up, we will come out to your home within 48 hours of your notification and fix the failed area. That includes ALL expenses. Labor and materials!

No other painting company can make that guarantee. If they did, they’d go out of business!

After 23 years in the business, I know how to get your job done right the first time. That’s why I can do this.

Your Next Step:

If you are ready to get a quote for your home, you can call me direct at (727) 599-9252. If you’d like more information about my painting services, call my free recorded message at (727) 565-2855 ID#1.


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