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Roof Cleaning Results:

These are the latest videos of the Roof Cleanings that I've done. All come with either a 1000 day guarantee or a 5 year guarantee. If if has to be re-cleaned within that time frame we will do it at our expense - within 48 hours of your notifying us.

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  • 3 Ways A Home Maintenance Plan Can Save You Money In The Long Run

    Many people will advise that home maintenance plans are a waste of money. They could be right if you are buying those upsells on each appliance or job done. However a comprehensive home maintenance plan will save you money in the long run. So why a home maintenance plan? Well, a single item plan covers […]

  • Home Maintenance Tips – 5 Ways Cleaning Your Roof Will Increase Its Lifespan

    Your roof is looking a bit worse for the wear. It’s full of black streaks and splotches. That means you need a new roof, right? Wrong! Cleaning your roof not replacing it will take care of the problem. Periodic cleaning of your roof can help it last longer. Taking those streaks and splotches off the […]

  • 3 Things You Should Demand Of People Who Do Your Home Maintenance

    You’ve been looking for, and failing to find, a great home maintenance company. Those you called seemed ok, but flaked in the end. So now you need advice. What should you be demanding of the people who do your home maintenance? Reliable The first is just common courtesy, but needs to be said. They need […]

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