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Why You Should NEVER Pressure Wash Your Windows

Your home needs to be cleaned on the outside and plenty of people have said that you should pressure wash it all. Bad advice, for any part of your home, but especially for your windows. You should never pressure wash your windows.

Pressure washing can tear your screens

Why You Should NEVER Pressure Wash Your WindowsThe first reason you shouldn’t pressure wash your windows is that it can tear your screens. The pressure from a high pressure washer can damage items much harder than nylon or even metal screening. Your screens don’t stand a chance.

Yes, they also need cleaning as screening also gets dirty. High pressure water will clean it but tear them up at the same time.

Older, single pane windows, double pane windows

If you have older, single pane windows that same high pressure water can break the window glass. If you have double pane windows the high pressure water can break the seals between the two panes of glass. That can force water between the panes of glass causing fogging between the layers of glass. The only way to fix that is to replace your windows. Saving the money by doing it yourself can cost you thousands in replacing your windows.

High pressure water can break window to home seals

That high pressure water can also break the seals between your home and your windows and doors. That can force water into your home. It can get between your walls causing mold. It can soak your furniture, belongings, carpeting and hardwood floors. More money spent in damages!

There is a way to clean your windows. Hire a professional who uses a gentle wash system. The water pressure is no more than a garden hose, and the cleansers are effective, yet safe.

If you think that you can just do the siding and avoid windows, don’t. Accidents happen and you could accidentally hit your windows causing all of the damages above.

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