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What Is A Home Maintenance Agreement?

If you own a home, you know how much home maintenance it takes to keep it looking good. If you own a rental property the headaches of taking care of the tenant’s demands can be a hassle. Now a contractor has offered a home maintenance agreement to help you out with some of the bigger tasks that could be too much for the average homeowner or landlord.

What is a home maintenance agreement?

What Is A Home Maintenance Agreement?A home maintenance agreement is an agreement between you, the homeowner or landlord, and a contractor for services to be provided at regular intervals.

Things like annual or quarterly pressure washing of your driveway, home exterior, roof cleaning, other minor repairs, having your home painted every 5 years (or other amount of time agreed on) and access to other contractors when needed for an additional cost.

The purpose is to give the homeowner consistent fees and regular availability of the service provider. This consistency will either save the homeowner money on emergency calls to a random contractor or prevent the emergencies in the first place.

Maintenance issues and who pays

Owning a property means having to pay for plumbing emergencies, electrical issues, appliance breakdowns or other maintenance issues. If you are a landlord, you can hire a maintenance person but that means paying them whether there are emergencies or items to be maintained or not.

A maintenance agreement with a service provider is a lot less expensive since there are now no salary or benefits to be paid. The agreement also provides preventative maintenance which may keep those emergencies from happening. Things like regular servicing and cleaning of equipment, home exterior and decks or driveways.


The agreement will have terms like length, payment and number of calls permitted under the agreement per month, plus what extra calls will cost. Terms can vary and are negotiable. It’s a great idea and homeowners and landlords who don’t want to be handy themselves will definitely benefit.

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