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Tips To Maintain Your Pool Deck and Patio

Spring is here and time to get your deck, patio and pool deck ready for summer fun. Here are some tips to get it ready.

Start with your wooden decking.

Wash it to remove dirt, built up pollen, algae or other debris. It can be a simple as a scrub brush and hose, or using a power washer. If you use a power washer, be very careful. The water Tips To Maintain Your Pool Deck and Patiopressure can damage the deck if you aren’t familiar with how powerful it can be. Allow the deck to dry thoroughly before doing anything else to it. Next, look for any nails that have popped. Instead of just hammering them down, remove them and replace them with a screw slightly longer than the nail you removed. If any boards have split, you’ll need to replace them. If you aren’t handy enough to do it yourself, hire a contractor.

Seal and stain the pool deck.

Now that everything is clean and repaired, it’s time to stain and seal the deck, especially any wooden pool decking around a pool. Sealing out water is important to making the pool deck last. You can stain then seal, after the stain has dried, or you can get at stain and sealant product in one.

Maintaining pavers.

If your deck or patio is made from pavers, there are a few things to do to keep them maintained as well. First, keeping them regularly swept clean is important to keep dust and debris from accumulating. However, there may be dirt that needs to be addressed with more than just a broom. Using a brush (no metal bristles) and some soap and water when necessary will keep most dirt and stains from becoming permanent. If your pavers need more than that, contact a professional to help you remove the worst stains without damaging the pavers. They can also help with replacing any damaged pavers and resealing your pavers.

Keep your outdoor space looking great with just a little maintenance.

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