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Should You Replace Your Tile Roof with Shingles?

Seems it may be time to replace your tile roof, but you know that replacing it is going to be expensive. So, should you switch your roof type to a shingle roof? Well, that answer depends on whether your homeowner’s association will let you, and if you really want to change the look and character of your home. There is another option. You could do a roof restoration instead of a replacement.

Should You Replace Your Tile Roof with Shingles?Replacing your roof with shingles may be a choice you could make, but that may have drawbacks. First, potential problems with hurricanes. Shingles lift up and blow off more easily than tile roofing in the high winds that come with hurricanes. They also have more issues with mold, rot and insects due to the high humidity in Florida. The other thing to consider is that the look of either will change the character of your home. This may be a plus, or a minus, depending on your style. The other big drawback is that your homeowner’s association may not let you change to a shingle roof; it would depend on the original HOA documents.

So why a roof restoration over a replacement?

Replacing a tile roof can cost upwards of $40,000 depending on the size of your home. Having a roof restoration will save you about 50% over a new roof. It also makes your roof 100% waterproof, definitely something you want! The restoration process has a 12 year warranty, which extends the life of your roof for at least that long.

A roof restoration also has some other great benefits. First it resists mold and algae. This means you have to clean the roof less often. Most people think power washing when cleaning; we don’t recommend power washing for cleaning because power washing can shorten roof life. The restoration process comes in 36 fade resistant colors and helps save energy by being heat reflective.

Find out more about our roof restoration services (and the 12 year guarantee!)

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