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Seal ‘n Lock Palm Harbor Florida – The Top Sealing Product For Pavers

Your pavers look fantastic, and you know that to keep them that way you need to have them sealed. Which sealer should you use? You want a quality product that doesn’t take days to apply and lasts the longest, right? Well, Palm Harbor residents, a local company has you covered with the top sealing product for pavers: Seal ‘n Lock.

State of the art, quality products

Seal ‘n Lock, headquartered in Clearwater, has state of the art, quality products. Not only that, their products provide durability and high gloss without the toxic byproducts and Seal 'n Lock Palm Harbor Florida - The Top Sealing Product For Paversdisposal issues associated with solvent-based sealers. Their products are VOC compliant everywhere in the US.

Natural Luster and Super Wet sealers

Two of their sealer products, Natural Luster and Super Wet, provide great looks and fantastic protection. Natural Luster is a high solids, urethane modified acrylic sealer that also has an algae and mold inhibitor. It penetrates the pavers to provide a protective barrier. It also provides joint stabilization which means no need for polymeric sand. Super Wet is a high solids, two-part water based pure urethane sealer. It penetrates the pavers to provide a longer lasting protective barrier. It too has joint stabilization and no need for polymeric sand. The difference between the two is Super Wet has a higher gloss ‘wet look.’ Super Wet also lasts longer than Natural Luster and other solvent based sealers.

One day application

The other great part of Seal ‘n Lock is the time it takes to apply. Most sealers take anywhere from two days to almost a week to complete. While it’s being applied the weather much be completely dry. Seal ‘n Lock takes a day, on, sealed, done.

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So now that you have the best driveway, patio or pool deck in the neighborhood, keep it that way by using Seal N Lock sealers. (727) 599-9252

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