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Roof Replacement – Do You Need To Replace Or Can You Restore?

Replacing your roof is a big undertaking and an expensive one too. If you could save time and money by restoring your roof instead of a total roof replacement, would you? Of course, who wouldn’t? So how do you know when you must replace or if you can restore?

You know the feeling you get when you look at your roof and see dips in the surface, or you start seeing water stains on your ceilings in the house? That sinking feeling that you’re about to lose thousands of dollars from your savings and have to deal with mess and noise while the roof is ripped off and replaced. You know that a new roof can save you money in energy costs too, but given the amount of money you pay to replace it, recognizing the savings could take years.

Roof Replacement - Do You Need To Replace Or Can You Restore? Now, what if you could just repair and restore your roof for a lot less money? What if doing so would give your roof another 12 years of life? What if it was economical enough that the energy savings made a difference in a much shorter time? There is a solution that can do all those things. Coat your roof with Nutech. Nutech is a paint that is specifically designed for your roof that shields it from weather and extremes in heat and cold. Once it’s been put on your roof, it bonds and protects, extending the life of your roof. It also is 100% waterproof, resists the growth of mold and algae and has been proven to lower your energy bills by 20%!

Nutech works on all types of roofing: tile, shingle or asphalt, flat or angled roofs. It also comes in many colors so you can make your roof fit your fashion sense, house color or homeowner’s association sensibilities. It also comes in a gloss or matte finish.

Not all roofs can be restored. If your roof has a major leak, is missing tiles or sections of tiles or shingles, if the shingles are “curling up.” In these situations, replacement may be the only solution. But if it your roof doesn’t have any of those situations, think about restoration. It might save you enough money to update your bath or kitchen and still not pay what the roof replacement would cost!

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