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Do You Make These Mistakes When Hiring A Roof Cleaner?

cleaners-daveIf the mold, mildew and algae have finally reached the point where you are ready to have your roof professionally cleaned, then this information that I’m about to share will save you from being the victim of another roof cleaning scam…

Hi. My name is Dave Negri and Elite Home and Property Services is my company. For the past 23 years I’ve been servicing families, just like yours, in the Tampa Bay area.

I started this company by helping families get their home properly painted. We added roof cleaning to our services for our clients because of all the damage that was being done by the- how shall I put this – the less professional outfits.

You see, up until recently there hasn’t been much in the way of formal training in the roof cleaning industry so there was no way for you, the home owner to check to see if your roof cleaning company had taken the time to learn how  to properly clean and protect your property.  I would say a certified roof cleaning company would be your best and most economical choice on preserving and protecting your largest asset your home.

One of the biggest challenges in the roof cleaning business is the low thresh hole of money it takes to start up a roof cleaning business for the newbie. So when they start their roof cleaning “business” they just get a high pressure spray system and chlorine bleach. Remember a pretty truck  or pretty marketing  pieces does not make a professional.

Chlorine is a very harsh chemical that can kill every plant it comes into contact with. At first, the homeowner is happy when they see the clean roof. But then, over the next week, everything that once was green around their house is now turning a dry brown.

Of course any product in the hands of the unprofessional is going to be dangerous.

While we have looked extensively and tried many products that have made outrageous claims of being safe and green until now none have lived up to their claim .

Chlorine is by far the best disinfectant to be used for cleaning roofs and is even recommended by shingle manufacturers for removing the algae  growth so prevalent on all roofs.

While roof cleanings sole purpose is to eradicate the mildew and algae spores that are actually attacking your roof, the solutions can be harmful only if the proper precautions are not taken. We take every precautionary step to prevent harm to your plants and your property

What should have been an easy procedure ends up being a horrible nightmare that I’ve seen far too many times.Especially when you’ve chosen to pressure clean.

And the worst part?

 If you go the route of pressure cleaning your roof  The mold, mildew and algae comes right back the following year!

Our Proprietary Gentle Wash System Helps You Avoid
Having To Do It Again For 24 months !
(Absolutely Guaranteed)

We use a low-pressure high-volume proprietary Gentle Wash System to clean your roof. Now this is different and  makes all the difference in the world to you!

High-pressure sprayers, like the ones many companies use, save the company money because they use less solution in cleaning your roof. A big part of their cleaning comes from the force at which their chemical concoction is hitting the roof. The problem for you is that this is very harmful to the life of your roof as well as it is only a temporary fix.

Ever seen tiles and shingles break, crack and fly off during or after one of these cleanings? That’s because of the high-pressure system. I’ve herd of pressure cleaning a roof  is liken to a mini hurricane being forced on your roof

Our system is – well – like it sounds. It’s a gentle wash.

Make no mistake, we eradicate  all the mold, mildew and algae. But we don’t destroy your roof to do it.

Also, because we use a very special mixture in our solution, we can guarantee to keep your roof mold, mildew and algae free for a minimum of 24 months.

Also, because we use a very special mixture in our solution, we can guarantee to keep your roof mold, mildew and algae free for a minimum of 24 months. Even in this wet and humid climate.

And we will put that in writing .

Demand This Of Your Roof Cleaner:

Almost every roof cleaner will tell you that when they clean the roof, they will kill all the mold, mildew and algae – including the spores that grow back.

But none of them will give you a written 24 month guarantee. I do.

I personally guarantee that the cleaning job I do for you will be so good that you won’t need it done again for at least 24 months .

Now I know what you are thinking. What’s it take to deliver on that guarantee?

Here’s the deal… Your roof IS going to be mold, mildew and algae free for 24 months . If, however, our cleaning fails and it comes back, call me, and within 48 hours I’ll be right back there to redo it – at my expense. Labor. Materials. Everything. My expense.

Lastly, if you would like   know about our Never Clean Your Roof Again Program check it out.

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If you would like to get an instant over-the-phone quote, call me directly at (727) 599-9252.

Dave Negri

P.S. Check to see if your roof qualifies for our Never Clean Your  Roof Again Program 

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