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Professional Home Property Maintenance

Florida has a reputation for sunshine, sparkling beaches, vacation homes, and strict homeowners associations. If you’ve ever gotten a “letter of reprimand” you know what I am talking about. You’re not going to agree with the validity of every rule, but the majority of the regulations exist to keep the subdivision looking its best.

If you are a Pinellas County snowbird, you can have your lawn maintained while you are out of state, but there is still a laundry list of exterior items that need to be attended to in your absence.

Hiring a home property maintenance company will save you time and headaches. You’ll have the assurance that you are complying with the HOA’s mandates and can arrive in town and just hit the pool.

If you are a full-time Florida resident you know the time that has to be dedicated to keeping your home’s exterior shielded from the elements. Florida roofs in particular take a beating. When time and expertise are your priorities, call Elite Home and Property Services.

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