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Perfect Pavers – Why You Should Treat Your Driveway and Pool Pavers With A Sealant

You’ve heard people tell you about how they sealed their paver pool deck or driveway and you should too. But why?

Your pavers look fine. Don’t you want to keep them that way? That would be why you should treat your driveway and pool pavers and keep them looking great. You spent a lot of money to make the outside of your home look great, so protecting that is worth the effort.

Protect your investment

Perfect Pavers - Why You Should Treat Your Driveway and Pool Pavers With A SealantPavers are very durable and don’t take a lot to keep them maintained. But they can, over time, start to look shabby due to dirt, algae, mildew and sunlight.

Using a sealant is a great way to protect your investment in this durable hardscape. Sealing your pavers will do a few things for them. If your pavers are in direct sunlight sealing them will protect their color. The sealer will bring out the depth of the color you choose and keep it from fading.

It will also protect your pavers from stains

Spills will be much easier to clean up and stains less likely because the spill won’t have as much of a chance to seep into the stone. This is important on the driveway with gas and oil or around the pool with staining pool chemicals.

Sealing will also keep pests like weeds and ants from spoiling the beauty of your yard. Weeds won’t be able to grow between the pavers and ants won’t be able to burrow through the sand joints. Ants can really do damage tunneling in and around and stopping them from getting close to your home will also keep the pests out of your home.

Lastly, sealing your pavers will mean that dirt, algae, mildew, oils and spills are so much easier to clean off of your driveway, walkway and pool pavers.

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