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Palm Harbor Painting Tips – Do You Need Special Paint for the Florida Sun?

If you live in or around Palm Harbor, you know how hard the Florida sun and rain can be on your home. If you’re looking to repaint your home you might be wondering if there is a special paint to help protect your home against that beating sun. It’s fun to play in, but that hot sun is hard on the paint on your home. Here are some good tips to make sure what you choose lasts.

Choice Of Paint

Palm Harbor Painting Tips - Do You Need  Special Paint for the Florida Sun? Palm Harbor Painting Tips - Do You Need  Special Paint for the Florida Sun? First thing is your choice of paint. Some companies claim to have paint that is better in the sun, but really what you need to do is choose a top of the line paint. The cheaper the paint, the less likely it will be to last on your home. More expensive paints have higher quality ingredients.

Cheaper paints may not have the additives that give the sun and weather protection, provide superior adhesion, mildew resistance and prevent cracking and peeling.

Higher quality paint also goes on more smoothly, with less need for more than one or two coats. Another consideration is the color you choose. The darker the color the more likely it will fade. Lighter shades will last longer since they don’t fade as quickly.

Prepare The Surface

Next thing that will ensure that your paint job lasts is how you prepare the surface to be painted. The best paint in the world won’t last if the surface is improperly prepared. So how do you do that?

Start with a clean surface. Power wash it if necessary to loosen old paint that is starting to lift. Sand where paint has come off to leave a smooth surface and rinse again to be sure all the dust is gone. Apply a coat of primer paint. Primer ensures better adhesion of paint to the surface. It covers some of the imperfections and increases paint durability. It also provides additional protection for the material being painted.

Hire A Professional

Your best bet if you don’t want to do the paint job yourself is to hire a professional who can do a quality job for you. A professional will use the best paint, prepare the surface correctly and make your home look spectacular.

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