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Painting Your Home

Color can transform everything from a wardrobe to a garden. One of the most affordable ways to redecorate your home’s interior is with paint. An easy and inexpensive way to renovate a few rooms at a time is to buy one gallon or two of a contrasting paint color and select a wall in each room to accent. The same accent wall shade will tie the rooms together and give each a new look. By shifting artwork and some key pieces of furniture to new spots, you’ll effect a mini-renovation. And considering the fact that you’re only painting one wall per room you’ll reduce your labor time by 75%!

There are all kinds of things paint can do for beadboard and high-end moldings and wainscoting. You can even run a chair rail around a room and just paint a new color either above or below the molding. The varieties of textured and specialty paints allow the bold weekend warrior to really indulge his or her creativity. Even the painter’s tools that are available now make a traditionally messy project a bit easier to control.

There’s really nothing like hiring the speed and precision of a professional painter, but if you want to just cheer up a room, consider the job scope and your time factor. Regardless of the size of your project, paint is room renovation in a can.

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