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Should You Paint Your House “Popular” Colors

Should you paint your home one of the new hot colors for this year? The sun is out and hot weather is here. Now Should You Paint Your House "Popular" Colorsyou’re noticing that some of the exterior walls of your home could really use sprucing up and summer is a good time to do just that. So, should you choose one of the “popular colors” for 2016? Well, that depends on how fast you want your home to need paint again.

Every year Pantone has a palette of colors that are the tops of the new trends.

You can see the colors for 2016 here

The cutting edge of the hot new trends

The colors vary, but they are always at the cutting edge of the hot new trends in color for paint, interior design and fashion. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Maybe, but can you say that the Radiant Orchid from 2014 (basically a magenta) is going to still be the color you want on your home this year or 5 years from now? Think back to the first time you walked into a home with those awful 1970’s avocado green and goldenrod yellow colors when you were house hunting. Picking the hot new color palettes can definitely date your home.

Remember the neighborhood

You also need to think about how your home looks in connection with your neighborhood. What colors are your neighbor’s homes? More traditional? Kind of out there? If you live in a high priced neighborhood I’m guessing the color palettes are much more traditional, unless that neighborhood is in Miami or Key West! But even if it’s a more flamboyantly paint colored neighborhood you still want to try and at least be complementary in your color scheme.

Don’t forget about your homeowner’s association!

They will definitely have something to say if you pick out a color that makes your home stick out like a sore thumb. Most have guidelines as to paint colors. If your home is in a historic area, the local historical society may also have a say in what colors you may paint your home. Be sure to check with them as well.

Find a color that may be popular, but satisfies your taste, but don’t go overboard. You may have to get the paint brushes out again if you do!

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