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How Long Should Your Roof Cleaning Last

Your roof looks awful. You know it and worry that others are thinking you should be doing something about it. They’re right, you should. But don’t just go to Google and pick the first ad listing that pops up. People pay to have that top ad position! Choose a professional who knows what they are doing… one that guarantees how long your roof cleaning should last.

Roof cleaning expert

How Long Should Your Roof Cleaning LastAnyone can throw up a sign and an ad and call themselves a roof cleaning expert. The problem is that there really isn’t any formal training available in this area. So any Tom, Dick or Harry can buy a power washer and a bottle of bleach and have at it. They can also damage your roof badly.

So why is this bad?

Bleach kills everything, right? Well, not so much. Yes, it’s great for killing bacteria and such in your laundry and home, but it is a rather harsh chemical and on your roof it does get rid of the live algae, mold and mildew. It is an effective cleaner and is recommended by shingle manufacturers, when used carefully and properly.

Pressure cleaning is another red flag

Pressure cleaning does make the roof look clean, but what it really accomplishes is spreading mold, mildew and algae spores all over the place. That includes inside your home and on all of your neighbor’s roofs as well! I’m sure they will appreciate that!

Not only that, it can and does damage your roofing shingles and shorten their lifespan. What’s worse, you’ll need to get your roof cleaned again next year because all of it will come right back, guaranteed.

So what can you do?

Hire a professional who uses a low pressure Gentle Wash system. Why? Because it works better and longer. Gentle Wash uses a solution that is less harmful to the area and low pressure water to rinse. It is guaranteed for 24 months to provide you with a roof that is mold, mildew and algae free.

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