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How To Keep Your Pavers Looking Clean and New | Palm Harbor Florida Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is a great way to keep your pavers looking clean if you love the look of the pavers you have on your walkways, driveway or patio. Pavers are rather popular in Palm Harbor, Florida and when they are new they look fantastic! Do you know how to keep them that way? It takes some work, but it’s really worth it!

First, regular cleaning is important

How To Keep Your Pavers Looking Clean and New | Palm Harbor Florida Pressure WashingYou spent a lot of money to have them installed, so maintaining them is a good idea. Pavers, like all of the other external parts of your home, are susceptible to the elements, as well as constantly being walked on, driven on, or leaked on by your vehicles.

It’s not difficult to clean your pavers, but it takes time and effort. You can use a garden hose and broom. More difficult to clean spots can be cleaned with a pressure washer on a fan setting. Any other settings will damage the pavers and push the sand from the joints. In fact, once you finish cleaning it with the hose and/or power washer, you’ll need to add additional joint sand with the broom.

Test cleaning solutions first on an extra paver

You can use cleaning solutions on it, but be sure to test them on an extra paver first to make sure they won’t bleach out the color. Cleaning solutions will need to sit for some time to work and be rinsed off. Whatever you decide to use to clean it, do NOT use a solution that includes muriatic acid which will damage the pavers. Really grimy pavers need the use of a rotary surface cleaner on a power washer. Most home owned power washers don’t have that kind of attachment, so you may want to have a professional take over at that point.

Have a professional seal your pavers

In fact, a professional may be a good idea to have the pavers cleaned at least once or so a year. One thing you can have done to help your pavers look better longer is have a professional seal them. The professional will thoroughly clean them before they seal them.

Have an inspection of your pavers first

If you aren’t sure what you may need to do, call a professional and let them inspect and tell you what to do.

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