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Home Maintenance Tips – 5 Ways Cleaning Your Roof Will Increase Its Lifespan

Your roof is looking a bit worse for the wear. It’s full of black streaks and splotches. That means you need a new roof, right? Wrong! Cleaning your roof not replacing it will take care of the problem. Periodic cleaning of your roof can help it last longer. Taking those streaks and splotches off the roof will keep them from damaging the shingles and materials below them.


So what exactly causes those dark stains, splotches and streaking? A bacteria known as gloeocapsa magma. It’s a kind of algae growth that lives on your roof. Once it takes hold it begins to eat away at Home Maintenance Tips - 5 Ways Cleaning Your Roof Will Increase Its Lifespanthe limestone filler in your shingles’ granules. If the growth goes unchecked it will eventually cause loss of roof granules. The granules are important because they reflect the sun and heat away from the roof. If they are lost it will lead to greater heat build-up which leads to higher energy costs for you. Mold and mildew also cause dirty looking streaks and also eat away at your shingles. If all of these are left to grow and multiply your shingles will eventually be eaten away. Cleaning the algae, mold and mildew off the roof stops this process and extends its life.

Normal wear and tear

The streaking is normal wear and tear, but it’s not permanent and won’t inevitably destroy your roof if you do something about it. With regular cleaning that streaking may never come back and your roof life could be as high as 20 to 25 years or longer. If you don’t regularly clean your roof it will come back and shorten that life span. Waiting to see the staining and streaks to have it cleaned means the damage is already occurring. Don’t wait.

Now don’t just hire anyone to clean your roof!

High pressure washing methods also remove the granules and damage your roof. Pressure washing also spreads algae spores into the atmosphere where they quickly re-attach to the roof or get into your home. Find a contractor who uses a soft or gentle wash system. Have your roof cleaned by a reputable professional and help your roof last longer!

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