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Gutter Cleaning Tips | How To Clean Your Gutters

These gutter cleaning tips will be a great help with your gutter cleaning project. Why do you need to clean your gutters every summer? With summer comes daily afternoon storms and a huge need for clear gutters. Your gutters are your first defense against water damage to your home.

Gutter Cleaning Tips | How To Clean Your GuttersGutters take the water from rainstorms and channel it away from your roof, walls and foundation. If they are clogged that water can instead be channeled into your home. Cleaning your gutters is a necessary job at least once a year. Here’s how to get it done…safely!

First, you’ll need a sturdy ladder

Be wary if you have electrical wires overhead or close to your home. Also be sure the ladder has a shelf or hook to hold tools and ALWAYS let someone closeby know you’ll be working on a ladder. The best idea is to have someone near by as you climb the ladder.

Hose with sprayer

Next, you’ll need a garden hose with normal water pressure, meaning 30-40 psi and a spray nozzle attachment. The “pistol grip” kind is best since you can control the water pressure with one hand and also hang it easily with the trigger.

You’ll also need a tool to scoop out debris

Stay away from metal since scraping the bottom of the gutter can damage it at the seams or cause it to rust. Also use gloves to protect your hands from animal droppings and cuts from debris or the guttering itself. And don’t forget to protect your eyes! Water pressure can cause smaller debris to spray out. You don’t want that in your eyes.

Remove larger debris

Start by making sure there isn’t any debris on the roof that will be washed into the gutter the next time it rains. Then scoop out the larger debris in a gutter run. It will be easier to clean them out with the hose without the larger things like leaves and such in the way. They are heavier and harder to move with water.


Now that the big stuff is out of the way, use the hose and spray toward the downspout so the small, murky debris flows down the downspout. If your downspouts are connected to an underground drain that goes out to your street, disconnect it. You don’t want to have a clog happen on the way out to the street that will require digging up your lawn or driveway to fix!

Once everything is cleared out, put the water on full pressure to be sure there are no clogs in the downspouts and you’re finished!

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