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Florida Home Maintenance Tips – Your Roof is Your Biggest Asset (and Liability)

In Florida, home maintenance tips include your roof maintenance because of the heat and other weather problems that can make your roof either an asset or a liability.

If you ask people what the most important part of their home is, you’ll get a lot of answers. What their first answer should be is the roof. The roof of your home is your biggest asset, and it can be your biggest liability. In Florida, maintaining the roof of your home is very important.

Florida Home Maintenance Tips - Your Roof is Your Biggest Asset (and Liability)One thing that a roof does for your home is help mold it’s character. The same home having different roofing materials will have different character. Take a traditional home, remove the traditional asphalt shingle roof and put a tile roof on it and the character of the home becomes Spanish. Change the color and the character changes as well. Put a slate roof on an old cottage and it looks like an old English manor home. What an asset your roof can be!

Of course the climate and weather will also make a difference in the type of roofing materials used, but even in colder climates, a roof has become an ornamental piece or even art work using laminated glass, aluminum sheeting, and pre-cast concrete and ceramic tiles as forms of roofing.

Climate and weather and your roof

Another reason why your roof is so important is because it protects your home from the elements. A sturdy, well made roof is, by design, long lasting and weather repellant. Some roofs are inherently designed to let the sun in at certain times and keep it out others. Regardless of what a roof is designed to do, it maintains the purpose of protecting the rest of the entire structure, regardless of whether it is a residential home, or a large commercial structure. In this case your roof can be a great asset or if it fails, it is a great liability.

Think about what happens when a roof leaks. Your home becomes filled with mold, mildew and damage. They become unhealthy. This is when your roof can really become a liability. So maintaining your roof so that your home stays healthy and undamaged is vital. Your home is the biggest asset most people have. Taking care of your roof means it stays a valuable one.

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