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Exterior Lighting Maintenance Checklist | Home Maintenance Clearwater

Spring is finally right around the corner and it’s time to start getting the exterior of your home clean and ready for outdoor entertaining. One of the items that you need to check and maintain is the Exterior Lighting Maintenance Checklist | Home Maintenance Clearwaterexterior lighting. A little preventative maintenance will mean longer life for your fixtures, bulbs and electric bills.

Inspect the fixtures regularly

The first thing you should do is inspect the fixtures at regular intervals during the year, but especially after damaging storms. Start by checking that cables aren’t torn or fraying. Frayed cords and cables are a fire hazard. If so, call an electrician to replace them.

Next, check screws and hardware

They should be in good shape, not rusted or loose. Rusted hardware won’t hold the fixture in place, or can damage wires. Loose fixtures are a hazard because they can fall and damage property or hurt people.

Check for damaged or dry rotted gaskets

Gaskets are they to keep water from getting into the light fixture. Water and electricity don’t mix, so keeping it out of outside light fixtures may just keep your home from catching fire if the electric arcs.

Check the light bulbs

Replace any light bulbs that have burned out. Be sure to get the right wattage. Wattage that is too high can overheat light fixtures and cause a fire. Then be sure to clean the lamps and lenses. This will make sure that the light actually gets out where you want it instead of being dimmed by dirt.

Major issues? Call a professional

If you find any major electrical issues, call a professional to address them. Trying to DIY electrical can be dangerous. Even the maintenance can be hazardous. Many outside lights are mounted high on your home. That means ladders or leaning out windows. Not a great idea. Look for a home maintenance company that has someone who knows electrical.

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