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Crucial Home Maintenance Items You Have to do Annually

Home maintenance is a big deal. If you don’t keep on top of certain things, your small issues can become huge problems. But what kinds of things do you have to take care of annually? Here are a few, organized by season.

Spring is the time

In the spring, you need to do most of the annual maintenance. Your spring cleaning list should include things like walking around your home and inspecting the exterior.

Crucial Home Maintenance Items You Have to do AnnuallyLook for things such as drainage problems. Like water flowing towards the house instead of away from it, or puddles that don’t dissipate after about a day of dry weather.

Check gutters and soffits. Are they clogged? Are downspouts in good shape and not wiggly or falling off?

What about paint and siding? Is it in need of painting? Are there cracks in walls or foundations?

Check windows and screens for holes or tears. Also check dryer vents for built up dust and lint. More than one house fire started when a very linty dryer vent catches fire from the heat of the dryer. Also test your sump pump. Daily summer rain storms are coming and you don’t want to be caught with a flood!

Get ready for summer

Check your AC. You also need to have your air conditioning system checked over to make sure it’s ready for the hot, humid coming summer months. Have it looked over by a professional. A few inexpensive fixes or just a once over can help keep a much more expensive problem from happening when you need your AC the most.

How does your roof look? Check your roof inside and out for damage or leaks. Annual maintenance will keep all your systems running well with less big money costs.

Pesky Critters. In the summer keep an eye out for bug problems and take care of them. Ants and termites can wreak havoc with your home so take care of any issues you see now because if you see them, there are many more you aren’t seeing eating away at your home.

Outdoor surface maintenance. Clean your deck or patio, driveway and walkways, and if it is needed, restain or reseal. Keeping water damage out of decking material or concrete will prolong the life of your deck or patio.

Heating system and water heater

Check your hot water tank. In the fall, flush your hot water heater to remove sediment and extend its life.

Mind your furnace. While it’s not often needed as much in Florida, have your heating system looked over. There are some chilly winter days ahead so make sure your system is ready.

Check indoors for water damage etc. In the winter look for inside upkeep that might be needed. Water damage inside needs to be addressed, check caulking around showers and bathtubs and repair as needed.

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