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Hi! Dave Negri Here!

Through my company, Elite Home and Property Services, I’ve been serving Tampa Bay families, just like yours, for the past 23 years.

I’d love the chance to answer your questions about either problems you are facing or the services I provide.

However, if you are looking for more educational material before talking to me directly, here are some important Free Recorded Messages that just might answer any questions that you might have…

Free Recorded Messages:

  • “How to Avoid Replacing Your Roof For Another 12 Years. (Even When Your Homeowner’s Insurance Says You Must!)  (727) 565-2855 ID#3
  • “3 Questions You Must Ask Your Painter Before You Hire Them”   (727) 565-2855 ID#1
  • “How To Spot The Scam, Fly-By-Night, Roof Cleaners”   (727) 565-2855 ID#2

However, if you need to talk to me directly, to get a complimentary consultation, or just to have your questions answered, give me a ring at 727-599-9252

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