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Clearwater Property Maintenance and The Big Chill

These days, no matter where you roam in Pinellas County, Fl — the weather is commanding center stage as the topic of conversation. I was attending to some of our home maintenance contracts in Clearwater today and spoke with one of my clients who had just spent the better part of three hours covering all of the exotic shrubbery in his front yard.

He said he had been at Lowe’s earlier and people were buying up all kinds of home sheeting products and foam tubes and door and window insulation. Some of these solutions may not be the prettiest, but if you don’t have the lastest in new window technology, your home maintenance checklist should contain plastic film and foam products that will keep out the drafts that you never knew you had until temperatures hit the 30 degree mark.

The thing is, in the summer, you are losing your chilled air out the very same way, so if you are experiencing drafts in this cold snap and have to crank up that thermostat a little higher than you’d like, it may be a good time to assess insulation of a more permanent nature. Even some blown in foam in your attic crawl space will make a tremendous difference and there are plenty of energy efficient incentives to be had through your service providers.

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