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Can You Pressure Wash a Tile Roof?

You looked around at your tile roof and noticed that it’s looking, well, dirty, and you’re thinking about having it pressure washed. But should you? Yes and no. Keeping your roof clean and free of moss and algae is necessary to keep the long life of your roof. But pressure washing can also damage it. So proceed, very carefully.

 Can You Pressure Wash a Tile Roof?Moss and algae are a problem for any roof. For a tile roof a build up of moss and debris causes problems with water running off your roof correctly. When that happens, water can back up or go sideways under the tiles. What happens then? Water gets into the underlayment and causes structural damage for the roof. So periodic cleaning of the roof is necessary. Most people think that a fast and easy way to do this is to pressure wash it.

Makes sense because water under pressure quickly cleans away dirt, debris, algae and moss. But water under extreme pressure also will damage. When too much pressure is used on a tile roof, it can remove paint, sand and concrete from the tile surface. The water also increases surface pitting which means the algae and moss will come back even faster. When the tile roof is infested with algae and mildew pressure washing doesn’t kill the roots of the algae and mildew growing on the roof. It’s like cutting weeds you cut them they grow back faster with a vengeance.

So, yes, cleaning is necessary, but over zealous cleaning is not. So you can use a pressure washer, if you don’t mind doing it every year but that’s a lot of wear and tear walking on the roof, a lot of wear and tear on your roof with undue pressure. We suggest doing what we call a gentle wash with the proper solution that will kill the mildew and algae and the mildew and algae will not grow back for 3 to 4 years. Another excellent idea is to apply a sealant that will retard the growth of algae and moss. That will mean you won’t need to clean the roof as often.

Maintaining your tile roof takes a little more effort, but it’s worth it in the end.

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