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5 Curb Appeal Tips When Selling Your Home

Thinking of selling your home? First impressions are lasting impressions. That means that you need to take some time to spruce up your curb appeal. It’s not just about the landscaping, but also cleaning up the exterior.

Start from the top down

Your roof may be either relatively new or in its prime, but it looks old and raggedy because of stains and different types of growth. Prospective buyers 5 Curb Appeal Tips When Selling Your Homewon’t see “the roof still has 10+ years life left in it”, they’ll see dollar a sign because of how bad it looks. Have it cleaned, but not just any type of cleaning. Have it cleaned with a gentle wash system. This will keep any damage from occurring to the roof or home underneath the roof.

So now move onto your siding

Does it also have algae or staining? Sides of your home that have a lot of shade just might. All of the exterior probaby has dirt and grime from the weather. It will need a good cleaning as well. Pressure washing may be in order, but your best bet is to hire a professional who knows how to properly clean your siding without damaging your home. Clean siding will make your home look newer.

Next onto your sidewalks and driveway

Your driveway can have stains from a lot of different things. Oil, antifreeze, gasoline, rust and tire rubber from your vehicles, and stains from fallen leaves, tree sap, grass clippings and other natural debris. The natural debris and even oils and such tracked from the driveway can also stain your walkways. Each will need cleaning as well, and possibly sealing to prevent future stains. A newly cleaned and sealed driveway and walkways are a huge plus for prospective buyers. Who wouldn’t want to know their home maintenance has been minimized?


Now that everything is cleaned, take the time to update landscaping and make the first view of your home tidy, inviting and colorful.

All of this takes a lot of work, and is most likely best handled by a professional. Have that curb appeal spruced up and watch how quickly your home sells!

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