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5 Classic Exterior Paint Color Combinations

It’s time to paint your home again and you’ve decided it’s time for a change. But your homeowner’s association won’t go for anything too bold. So what are some classic exterior paint color combinations that might get you the go ahead? Tried and true works for a reason. See if these work for you.

Use three or four colors together

5 Classic Exterior Paint Color CombinationsWhen you’re looking for colors to paint, keep in mind that exterior paint schemes usually involve three or four colors. Those colors are painted on the wall (also called field); trim (fascia, eaves, posts, window casing, corner boards, etc.); door (most any door can be painted, even metal doors); and accents (also doors, shutters, etc.). Doors and shutters can be the same color or different ones.

Classic combinations

Some classic combinations are:

  • grey, white, black
  • blue, white, grey
  • yellow, tan, brown; tan (light, medium, dark)
  • grey, cream, evergreen

All of these combinations can be adjusted for tone, warm or cool, and shade, light or dark.

For extra pop, choose a complementary color from across the color wheel for your door. For instance, if you choose a green-grey for your field, off white or cream for your trim and evergreen for shutters, try a plum door.

Or if you choose light blue for your field, white for your trim and medium or dark grey for shutters, try a light pumpkin for your door. It will stand out, but not stick out.

Be careful not to be boring

Another classic scheme is to pick one shade and use light, medium and dark. Be careful when doing this because it can be boring. That would be an especially good time to use the complementary pop for the door and any outside accessories and landscaping.

Classic colors never go out of style and will make your home look updated, while keeping your neighbors and homeowners association happy.

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