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3 Tips To Washing Your Windows and Making Them Shine

The windows in your home let in light, and nothing shows up more than when they are dirty. Let’s be real, washing your windows is a real pain. But it’s a necessary pain.

Your home will look better inside and out when they are clean. Elite Home Services does not offer window cleaning services but every homeowner needs to clean their windows at least once a year so we offer you these tips to make the job easier and make sure your windows sparkle.

Soap and water

3 Tips To Washing Your Windows and Making Them ShineUsing prepared sprays is fine, but plain old soap and water works better. It’s the quickest and easiest way to remove dirt, mud, water spots or the more difficult, bird poop.

Don’t use paper towels. They can leave lint or streaks. Newspaper is another way that can be used to wipe windows clean because newspaper like paper towels are absorbent and rough and can act like a mild abrasive. Newspaper is compostable and cheap and today’s inks tend to not smudge as much as older newspapers. But if you really want a professional job then you’ll want to use soap and water, brush and squeegee.

Work from top to bottom

Make your soap and water solution in a bucket. Soak the window with a rag or sponge. If your squeegee has an attachment that acts as a sponge, use that. Work from top to bottom. Then go back with the squeegee and again work from top to bottom by drawing the squeegee across the window.

The squeegee should skim the cleaning solution and dirt from the glass. Curve the squeegee downward at the end of each stroke. Use a clean cloth to wipe the squeegee after each pass. This keeps the squeegee from dripping and streaking. Then use the cloth to dry any wet spots on the window.

How to deal with mineral stains

If you notice places that there are spots that won’t clean, they may be mineral stains. To remove them you’ll need to use either fine 000 steel wool or cleansing powders such as Zud or Barkeeper’s Friend, which contain oxalic acid. Mix the powder into a paste on a wet towel and use some elbow grease to remove the stain. Then rinse and squeegee until all of the residue is gone. To keep the stains from recurring, and they will, coat them with a polymer coating.

If you want your home to sparkle and shine why not give us a call to have us design your very own maintenance program to beautify your home and maintain your home’s maximum value.

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