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Top Tips For Hardscape Maintenance

Hardscape are the areas of your yard that are made of hard materials like stone, wood or even concrete. It can be a retaining wall, pool,fountain or planting beds. While they look great when you first install them, hardscape areas can start to wear easily if you are not maintaining them regularly.

Here are my top tips for hardscape maintenance

Pavers on driveways and around pool areas

We recommend using a sealer on pavers. Because they are made of a porous material, they will become dirty and age more rapidly if they are not Top Tips For Hardscape Maintenanceproperly treated. We use Seal N Lock as a sealer for all the paver hardscapes that we maintain.

By using a sealer you maintain the beautiful look of the hardscape. Additionally, the harsh Florida sun can cause fading and wear that is helped with proper maintenance.

Pool deck area

Keeping your pool area clean is vital. If you let mold or mildew grow, you or your guest could slip and fall. There are also health hazards that are associated with having mold and mildew around you or your kids.

We recommend a regular cleaning regimen with professional cleaning at least once a year. We use commercial grade chemicals to make sure that the deck is clean. You can also seal your deck in the same manner you do your pavers.

Wood areas

While we don’t maintain wood areas, HGTV recommends using linseed oil on an annual basis. Additionally you could apply a wood stain that could help protect from dirt and damage.

Fountain maintenance

There are a couple of things to do to maintain an outdoor fountain. First is to keep it free from debris to avoid clogging the pump. Then wipe the basin regularly with a clean cloth to keep buildup from forming. According to Improvements Catalog, the fountain should be drained quarterly and cleaned with a toothbrush and dish soap.

As with any other area of your house, keeping up with your hardscape maintenance will assure that it lasts a long time and provides you with plenty of beauty for your investment!

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