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Why You Should Never Pressure Wash Your Roof

Your roof looks atrocious and you might be thinking “why hire someone to pressure wash it and pay a lot? I’ll do it myself!” Really? You know what to do? It’s not as simple as looking up instructions on the internet and going for it. There’s a lot more to it than that.

What is growing on your roof?

Why You Should Never Pressure Wash Your RoofFirst thing, do you even know what is growing on your roof? Is it mold? Is it mildew? Is it just dirt and grime? Blackstains could be just that, or they could be something else.

It matters because it makes a difference in how you treat it. So some bleach will take care of it, right? Just blow it off with a pressure washer, right? Well, sure, if you want to kill off all of your landscaping and damage your roof, underneath your roof and your home’s interior.

 High pressure water can damage!

There’s a few things that using high pressure water will do to your home as well.

First, it damages your shingles. High pressure water can cause shingles to crack or lift. It also can remove the surface granules from certain types of shingles which shorten their lifespan and could void the warranty on the shingles!

The water pressure also forces water underneath the shingles damaging the underlayment. You know all that mold and mildew you’re trying to clean off the roof? Well guess what? The high pressure water forced those spores right into your home and gave them the moisture they need to grow inside your home, not just on the roof.

Then there’s the whole safety issue with it being the roof. Climbing up, using ladders, slippery, wet and dangerous. Bad idea.

Better idea? Call a professional who knows what to do to clean your roof effectively and safely.

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