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Why You Need To Be Careful of Pressure Washing Your House

Your home’s exterior is looking a bit worse for the wear. Weather and time has made it dusty and dirty. So why not grab or rent a pressure washer and have a go at it yourself? After all, how hard could it be?

Well, there are a lot of things that could go wrong and you need to be very careful if you are pressure washing your home.

High pressure water damage

Why You Need To Be Careful of Pressure Washing Your HouseOne thing you need to keep in mind is that many surfaces on the exterior of your home can be seriously damaged by high pressure water being sprayed from up close. Vinyl siding can be damaged or knocked loose. Paint can be removed partially or completely. High pressure water can get forced behind vinyl siding, Hardi planks or cracks in brick.

It can also shred window screens, break the seals of double pane windows causing fogging between the glass, or force water through window or door seals. Your now wet interior can suffer all kinds of damage from warped wood, mold or worse. Some of that damage can happen and you won’t know until months later when the mold shows up or you discover the warped floorboards or ruined drywall. Water cleans, pressure does not.

Difficult to control

Guess what else? Pressure washing is not as easy as it looks. High pressure water can be difficult to control. People have literally died trying to do it themselves, many more have hurt themselves.

If your home has two stories, how will you get to the second story to clean it? A ladder, of course. So how will you hold and control the high pressure water one handed while on a ladder? Many can’t and end up falling.


Then, of course, is what you use to clean. Most think the only way is to use bleach. Did you know that bleach can’t actually clean? Yes, it kills mold and mildew, but if you look at other cleaning products that contain bleach, there are other cleaning products. Even when bleach is used for cleaning laundry, there is soap involved. Bleach, even if used with a cleanser, will also kill your grass, shrubs, flowers and other landscaping. especially if you don’t know the right mixtures to use.

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