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Why Does My Tile Roof Leak?

Why Does My Tile Roof Leak?Why does my tile roof leak? You have a tile roof. You’re noticing stains on your ceiling. Yes, your tile roof is probably leaking. Now what? Do you have to replace the whole roof or can you patch it? Well, it’s a bit complicated, but while it can’t be patched, it can be fixed.

Before you panic, the problem may not be a huge one, but it is one you can’t let go for too long. If water continually leaks in, you’ll be replacing more than just the tile roof, but the ceiling and possibly walls that are damaged by water.

What can cause a tile roof leak?

Also be aware that your tile roof has leaked from day one. This is because of their design. The rain can blow up under the tiles. What stops it from damaging your home is the underlayment used when it was installed.

If it was installed quite some time ago the underlayment was probably tar paper. Over the years heat from the sun caused it to deteriorate. Then rain gets through the deteriorated parts and the water leaks into the house. If the underlayment is galvanized steel, it rusts out after a span of time and the leaks go through the rust spots. So fixing a tile roof leak is a major undertaking.

How To Repair A Tile Roof

However, money can be saved by reusing the existing tile. If it is taken off carefully and not broken. The problem is they all have to come off because the underlayment has to be completely replaced, along with any soft or rotted out parts of the wooden decking. Once that is replaced, new underlayment should be installed. Then all the tiles that didn’t break can be reinstalled.

A good roofing company can give you a good idea of whether all or part of the tiles can be salvaged, and the best type of underlayment to use. Have them come take a look and then remember that because it’s a tile roof, you can reuse your tiles.

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