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Why Having a White Roof Can Help Reduce Costs

Will having a white roof help reduce costs of heat and a/c? Yes! Doing something as simple as changing the color of your roof can reduce your heating and cooling costs. Ok, it also requires a coating that is either rubberized or ceramic, but there are serious costs to be saved. Here’s how.

Why Having a White Roof Can Help Reduce CostsEnergy companies have said that a 6 degree difference in your thermostat reduces costs of energy by 39%. That is a huge savings. But ask anyone in the summer if they were willing to change their thermostat to make their home 6 degrees hotter, or drop their thermostat back 6 degrees in the middle of February you’ll hear a loud “NO!” Everyone wants a comfortable home, not a house that leaves you a sweaty mess in the summer, or piling on the sweaters in the winter. So, how can you get that change in thermostat without changing it? Roof coatings.

The typical roof coating reflects 95% of each kind of light, UV infrared and visual. All three transmit heat.

Well, even in winter it helps. You would think that absorbing all that heat from light would be a good thing, but what the roof coatings do in colder climates is prevent heat from escaping through the roof. Most professionals will advise in much colder climates not going white (which will keep snow on the roof longer), but a grey that will reflect a bit less, but help melt snow off the roof in winter). It does sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Just have your roof painted with a special white rubberized or ceramic coating and you reduce costs. But it works.

Studies have shown that white roofs reduce air-conditioning costs by 20 percent or more in hot, sunny weather. The science behind white roofs is rather simple. Solar energy delivers both light and heat, and the heat from sunlight is readily absorbed by dark colors. That heat is absorbed into the house, making your air conditioning work harder, even after the sun goes down.

Talk to a friend or neighbor who has gotten a roof coating. Let them show you the proven savings. Then call your roofing professional and start saving!

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