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What makes your roof dirty?

What makes your roof dirty?

Have you recently painted your home or pressure washed the exterior only to find that your roof still looks grimy and stained? If you are thinking about hitting the roof with the power washer hoping a thorough cleaning will do the trick you may be in for a surprise.

The problem is the most common staining agent for a roof is algae, which will not be affected by water and pressure washers can be detrimental to your shingles. The best solution for killing algae on your roof is to introduce a no pressure cleaning system that will eradicate the algae. Whether it’s a shingle or tile roof, pressure cleaning will not do the job of killing the algae, bacteria and mold that prematurely ages your roof. Our process will clean the roof or surface while killing the algae bacteria and mold. Call or Text us Today!! 727-599-9252

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