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What Is Soft or Gentle Wash?

Your roof is a mess. It’s not damaged, but it will be if you don’t get it cleaned! You’ve heard that power washing can be bad for your roof, but you don’t know what else to do. Well find a roof cleaning company that uses a gentle wash roof cleaning system.

So what is gentle wash?

What Is Soft or Gentle Wash?It’s a safer and more effective way to clean your roof. It uses safe cleansers that work to eradicate mold, mildew and algae while gently lifting stains and grime. It protects your home and health. Instead of using the force of the water, as with power washing, the cleansers are applied and left to work their magic.

Once the correct time period has passed, they are then carefully rinsed off your roof using low pressure water. Think of the amount of pressure from a garden hose and you’ll understand the amount of water pressure being used on your home.

No damage

Gentle washing will not cause the damage that high pressure power washing will cause. The amount of pressure from a power washer will force water up under shingles, causing damage to the underlayment and inside of your home. It will also damage the shingles themselves, cracking them and shortening their lifespan.

It also will send the spores from algae, mildew and mold flying through the air and into your home. Now that the interior of the home is wet from the water forced under shingles, you have the perfect environment for it to grow inside. Not a good thing!

Gentle washing can also be used on any type of roofing surface safely

The cleansers are not damaging to wood, roofing tiles or any type of shingle material. Landscaping will have to be covered, but a simple rinse of the shrubs, flowers and grass will wash away the cleansers into the soil. No dead spots to be found after a gentle wash!

So opt for the best, and use a roof cleaning company that uses gentle wash. You won’t be sorry!

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