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What Is Power Washing

You may have heard about power washing your home or roof. Did you know there are different kinds of power washing?

Gentle wash or full on power wash

Full on power washing, what most people think about when they hear “power washing” is one method, but there’s a second kind, called gentle or soft wash. Both are “power washing” but each is different from the other.

High pressure

What Is Power WashingPower washing in the traditional sense is the practice of using water at high pressure to clean things. It uses the force of the water to clean, along with a cleanser, sometimes, to get very stubborn dirt and stains off of homes, concrete and so on.

It relies on brute force and when used on the wrong things or the wrong way can be rather destructive. High pressure washing has been known to damage brick and mortar. Softer materials don’t stand a chance.

Soft washing

Soft washing, on the other hand, uses water and cleaners but not with the force that power washing has.

When cleaning your roof, painted surfaces or other surfaces that might be damaged by high pressure power washing, it could be more easily cleaned by soft washing.

Soft washing uses safe cleaning solutions to do the cleaning as opposed to water pressure. High pressure washing uses a much higher PSI than soft washing.

The cleaners are safe in the hands of a professional and they won’t damage painted surfaces, roofing materials, decking or siding, and mean that you don’t need the high PSI to get the stains out and dirt off.

Mold and mildew

High pressure washing scatters dirt, and in some cases can aerosolize it. That means that mold and mildew spores are sent back into the air, instead of washing it down away from your home. Soft washing uses cleaners to get rid of the mold and mildew instead of spreading it out into the air.

Find a cleaning specialist that uses gentle wash soft washing. It’s better for your family, your neighborhood and your home.

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