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Top Paint Colors For 2014

Spring is here and as part of spring cleaning and freshening, some people like to freshen up the paint in their home. If you are one of them, or you haven’t changed the colors on your home for awhile, here are some color suggestions for Spring 2014.

Top Paint Colors For 2014When most people think of spring, pastel comes to mind. Easter egg colors, slowly greening yards, the pretty shades of early crocuses. Spring paint colors are mirroring that. Choose your favorite pastel and you’ll find a new paint color. Some of the more popular ones are the cool, calming blues, greens and all the shades in between.

When you think of calming colors, blue is probably the first to pop into mind. From a beautiful spring blue sky – think the lightest shade of blue as wispy clouds wander through to a bright, light midday blue. Try a robin’s egg blue or all the beautiful, beachy or poolside watery blues. Paint the rooms in your home where you want the most calming influence; your living room or bedroom.

Next, morph your blues into green and meet it in the middle with turquoise. Turquoise can run from a bright Caribbean shade to a beautiful warm Gulf tone. Brighter shades are usually used as accent colors, but a small bathroom can be a bright and fun space in the bolder shades. Blue and orange complement turquoise and are great for accents. Deeper turquoise colors are great for the same blue calming effect for bedrooms, with a bit more elegance. Going darker gets you into teals, which can be great for setting interesting architectural elements, or smaller wall areas apart.

Green is the color of spring, hands down. Grass greens up, trees sprout new leaves and the world starts looking lush and alive. There are so many hues and shades of green from the light seafoam to a yellowy pastel green. Think of all the different shades in nature and bring it into your home. Greens can be calming or send a feeling of warmth and energy.

Neutrals are also in, especially if you are looking to sell your home. Painting in a neutral palette will help buyers see your home as theirs.

Spruce up your home this spring with a new coat of paint and have some fun, pastel color fun.

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