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The Top 5 Roof Cleaning Tips From A Professional Pressure Washer

The Top 5 Roof Cleaning Tips From A Professional Pressure WasherKeeping your roof clean is an important job to keep your home looking great and also extend the life of your roof. Hiring a professional pressure washer is a great idea, but there are things that you, the homeowner, can do in the meantime to help keep it in great shape. Here are some roof cleaning tips.

First tip is to be safe

Any old ladder can lean up against a house and give you access to your roof, but professional roof cleaners know that there is more to it than that. Make sure your ladder is safely level and preferably that someone is holding it steady as you head up. Don’t stand on the top of the ladder to get on your roof as this will make getting down harder. If you can’t reach your roof comfortably with your ladder, please rent or buy one that is taller and more stable.

Second tip is to do regular inspections of your roof

Look at it from the ground, and climb on up. Look for damage from past storms, bent or broken shingles, missing shingles, stains and so on. Obviously stains and such will be cleaned off, but don’t have your roof cleaned if there is damage. Get the damage fixed first, then have it cleaned.

Next, inspect your gutters

Look for clogs and clean them out. Cleaning your roof will entail water being washed down into your gutters. If the gutters are clogged then that water can back up under your shingles and cause damage to the roof.

Protect your plants

Any reputable roof cleaner will be using some kind of cleaner that will potentially harm your landscaping. If you are cleaning your roof yourself, please make sure to cover all of your plants so that nothing bad happens to them.

When you clean the roof, hire a professional that uses a gentle wash system

Professionals like Elite Home Services use a Gentle Wash System, that gently cleans the roof with an effective cleanser and low pressure water. High pressure washing is incredibly damaging to your roof and it only blows the dirt and spores around so they land and start to regrow again almost immediately. Gentle wash doesn’t do any of that. It’s a much better choice and it lasts, guaranteed, for up to 5 years!

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