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The Roof Restoration Process

The Roof Restoration ProcessYou’ve decided you need to do something about your roof, and are looking at a roof restoration process instead of replacing it. Most people know the replacement process, but what is the process of having Nutech put on your roof to restore it?

The roof restoration process starts with a visit from the contractor who will apply the Nutech. The contractor will go over things with you to see if your roof qualifies for the restoration process.

If it does he will then provide you with a written quote and review the scope of the job with you, and helps you decide what color and additional services may be necessary. The Contractor will check your roof for broken tiles, leaks or any issues with the roof flashing.

Once the job is contracted, the contractor will again check the roof over and make any repairs, then place down pipe filters in gutters. He will also make sure sediment from the cleaning process is isolated from drains which feed into waterways. Coating a dirty roof will only make sure that you have problems down the line and shorten the life of your roof. The roof is cleaned to remove living organic life like algae and mildew then is rinsed off to remove added debris by lightly pressure washing the roof and spare tiles or shingles, an environmentally friendly process.

Once the roof is clean, the contractor will also look over the home and property and clean any areas that need it. Then he will reinspect roof and replace any broken tiles. If the cement work is damaged or has come loose it is removed and replaced. Any cracks in the concrete are addressed. Then the contractor checks the outside temperatures to make sure it is within the product specifications for the Nutech Nu-Prime Sealer. Nutech Nu-Prime Sealer has a fine particle resin size which penetrates and locks down any loose oxide that remains on the roof and spare tiles.

Priming done, temperature is checked again and the recoating begins. Nutech NXT 2000 is applied. NXT2000 is enhanced with Dupont Teflon, a heat reflective coating to help you save on energy and comes in 36 Traditional colors. Two coats are applied to the roof and spare tiles.

That is the roof restoration process to get a great looking roof without an entire tear down. A new looking roof for a fraction of the investment.

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