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The Hot Interior Paint Colors for 2013

What are the hot interior paint colors for 2013? If you’re thinking of painting the interior of your home, the choices can seem endless. Walk into any paint store and the displays of palettes can be overwhelming. Do you go with your own favorites or follow the trends? Being trendy can be fun, but it can also eventually make your home look dated.

The Hot Interior Paint Colors for 2013Think back to the dark or stark walls of red or the endless walls of “earth tones” that seem to dominate the interiors of many homes these days. If that is your style, then go for it. Realistically, you have to live in and love your home. But there are hot new trends in interior paint colors that could have you rethinking what “favorite” really means.

The colors you choose for your home set the mood for each room. One of the things you have to consider before painting is what is the purpose of the room you are painting? Do you really want to paint your bedroom a bright yellow? Color affects your physiology, so choosing a calming blue or green may be a better choice for a room where you are supposed to relax. Then again, if you want to have a space that sets you in a good mood and jazzes up your day, maybe having your kitchen in a bright sunshiny yellow is a pick me up you may want daily.

But what are the hot interior paint colors this year? Sophisticated neutral palettes are back in vogue. Letting the paint set a soothing backdrop for the style of the things you put in your rooms is in. Hot colors include lighter blues and navy; leathery natural browns, cappuccino and creamy coffee colors; some muted olives; lavender and purple; softer yellows and oranges; and mid-toned dark hues and berry colors that are less blackened and more softened.

It’s a wide array of color, but more muted, softer and less stark. So pick your favorite color, and remember, if the trend changes and it will, paint again!

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