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Tampa Bay Roof Maintenance

We don’t just recommend cleaning your roof because Santa is coming to town (as one of the neighborhood kids thought)! Cleaning your roof is an essential part of Florida home preventative maintenance.

Today’s fiberglass roof shingles provide a feast for algae with their concentration of limestone. While contemporary roofs have a longer life than their predecessors, their upkeep requires more attention.

We strongly recommend hiring a professional to maintain your roof. It is not necessarily a difficult task, but it is a decidedly dangerous one.

First of all, wet roofs are slippery. If you are walking on a wet, inclined surface that is high off the ground, you are taking your life in your hands or at the very least, are risking permanent injuries.

And even if you don’t fall, you can easily do damage to your roof that won’t reveal itself until the next Tampa Bay tropical storm hits. However, if you insist on saving a few bucks and taking the plunge into roof cleaning (no pun intended!) make sure you secure yourself with an OSHA-approved safety harness.

In addition, while it may sound like an obvious tip, do not direct the hose spray UP the roof! That’s the way to get moisture under the shingles and into your home; always spray down. But the trick here is that in order to direct the stream the right way, you need to position yourself higher toward the roof peak which again puts you and the integrity of your shingles in jeopardy.

Bottom line: cleaning your own roof is a slippery slope. Give us a call if you would like a no obligation estimate.

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