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Tampa Bay Home Maintenance Tips – Getting Your Pool Ready For Summer

Home maintenance! Time to get a handle on it for for warm weather. It may seem that spring will never get here, but winter is waning. Time to start thinking about home maintenance chores especially getting your pool ready for summer fun.

Be sure your home maintenance equipment is safe for use

First thing is to be sure your equipment is up to snuff and ready for the season. Be sure that the deck, steps, ladders and Getting Your Pool Ready For Summerslides are safe for use. Also inspect the pool itself for cracks or leaks. That may mean scrubbing the muck and algae off the sides and bottom so you can see, but don’t empty it if you can help it. Emptying it can cause serious problems. If you live in an area with a high water table, then taking all the water out will change the weight differential and push the pool out of the ground.

Next is the annual clean up

When closed, your pool becomes full of algae and other gunk that makes the water dark and murky. Time to get it crystal clear. Top off the water level if it got low over the winter. Clean out all of the filter parts, including hoses, then backwash it. Take some water to your local pool professional and have it tested. A comprehensive test once or twice a year is a good idea so the things like mineral content, alkalinity and other things besides the chlorine and Ph levels that you normally test are covered. It will also tell you how you need to change the chemistry of your pool water.

Each day, clean out the filter, backwash it and check the pool chemistry

Vacuum it when necessary. Skim any floating debris. Once the water is clear, you’re good to go!

If you’re not sure how to do all of these steps, then contact a pool professional to help you with all of the things that need to be done.

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