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What makes your roof dirty?

What makes your roof dirty?
Have you recently painted your home or pressure washed the exterior only to find that your roof still looks grimy and stained? If you are thinking about hitting the roof with the power washer hoping a thorough cleaning will do the trick you may be in for a surprise.
The problem is […]

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DIY Home Maintenance

There are many, many things homeowners should not try to repair or install unless they are licensed. Most of those tasks fall under the categories of anything electrical, anything having to do with plumbing, or anything structural. But there are preventive maintenance things that most of us can and should take on.

Professional Home Property Maintenance

Florida has a reputation for sunshine, sparkling beaches, vacation homes, and strict homeowners associations. If you’ve ever gotten a “letter of reprimand” you know what I am talking about. You’re not going to agree with the validity of every rule, but the majority of the regulations exist to keep the subdivision looking its best. If […]

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