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DIY Home Maintenance

There are many, many things homeowners should not try to repair or install unless they are licensed. Most of those tasks fall under the categories of anything electrical, anything having to do with plumbing, or anything structural. But there are preventive maintenance things that most of us can and should take on.

Handy Man Services

You know as well as I that someone who does something for a living will get a job completed much more efficiently because they have the tools and they’ve got the technique down to a science. If I tried to do my taxes or fix my car, trust me…it would take days and days and I’d do a heck of a lot of damage to my reputation with the IRS and to my mode of transportation.

Clearwater Pressure Washing

Different pressure washing techniques can be used for all different types of property maintenance jobs. The pressurized water spray is produced by specially designed pumps. The spray itself is many times more powerful than the typical garden hose and is much more effective at cleaning your surface without the damage that may be caused by […]

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