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Selling Your Home – Should You Replace Your Roof before Listing

Selling Your Home - Should You Replace Your Roof before ListingIf you are selling your home should you replace your roof?

If you are thinking about selling your home, it’s a pretty good bet your realtor has made some suggestions about improvements that should be made to make your home easier to sell at a higher price. If you haven’t replaced your roof, and it’s getting up there in age, doing so should be top of your list.

Should you replace your roof?

If you realtor hasn’t suggested that you replace your roof, or even if he or she has, you’re probably thinking “why not let the buyer deal with it?” or “that’s part of why I’m selling it anyway!” Those are self-defeating, or home sale defeating thoughts. Why? Well, think about it. Who wants to buy a home that they have to immediately or soon after sink more money into it? Unless you home is going to be listed under market value, and most people don’t want to do that, no one will pay good money to then turn around and sink several thousand more dollars into it. Think about what you were looking for when you bought your home. A project laden home was probably not the top of your list, at least not without a much smaller price tag!

When looking to replace your roof, there are options. Look into repair as well as replace. It doesn’t have to be expensive.

One of the best solutions that we have seen is roof restoration rather than ripping the whole thing off and starting from scratch. Roof restoration is process where we use Nutech, a special kind of paint to seal and protect your roof, adding 12 YEARS to it’s life (GUARANTEED!)

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When selling your home look at all the options involving your roof, replace your roof or repair it, spending some money will get you a better sales price in the end.

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