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Roofing Florida – Where Roofs Leak

Let’s face it, all roofs leak eventually, especially in Florida. How badly and how much damage is what homeowner’s need to concern themselves with. Keeping that damage to a minimum or finding problem areas before they actually leak takes attentiveness and knowing where to look.

When you are doing an inspection of your roof, something every homeowner should do regularly, would you know where to look for water issues? Some areas to look is places where something penetrates the roofing materials. Inspect the laps, seams and sealants at these locations regularly.

Roofing Florida - Where Roofs LeakLook at places like roof drains, which should be cleaned out regularly. Other areas are ducts, conduits and other piping. Some that go right through should have sealant at the places that go directly through. Others run horizontally across the roof and are often placed on solid supports that are anchored to the roof. Those anchors penetrate the membrane at regular intervals.

Also inspect the perimeter of the roof. These are places where the roofing materials (flexible flashing) are attached to sheet-metal flashings. Make sure these areas are sealed. The perimeter of the roof also has joints. These joints can be a problem area as well.

As many in Florida can attest, condensation is a huge problem. Hot air outside and cool air from air conditioning can cause problems with condensation. If you don’t have an adequate vapor barrier between inside and outside, you’ll have water problems. If you don’t have adequate attic ventilation, you will have condensation problems. Look for these kinds of issues and install vent fans to help keep the air moving, and moisture out. Also be sure to keep the spaces the fans are installed sealed as well.

Another way to be sure that your roof is adequately sealed is to have a sealant applied to the entire roof. Call a roofing company that installs a roof restoration process like Nutech for ideas on how to better seal your roof and protect your home.

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