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Roof Repair – Why it is Such a Bad Idea to Hire Those Guys in the Truck

You need a roof repair, but the cost is worrying you. So, you think, why not buy the materials yourself and hire one of those guys you see on the trucks? That is such a bad idea considering it should be the farthest thing from your mind. Here’s why.

Roof Repair - Why it is Such a Bad Idea to Hire Those Guys in the TruckThose guys on the truck are probably not local. No big deal, right? Wrong. Not local is a huge problem. Without ties to the community they could do something like up and leave after they have your money. Are they even legal citizens? Will there be a problem with hiring undocumented workers? That could get you in hot water with the government. If they are from another country there may be a language barrier. The issues are rampant.

Hiring a local company means ties to the community. The company will be around and available to answer questions, provide extra service and so on. Their employees will be, or should be, legally able to work on your home. They should have someone available to speak with you in your language. These aren’t minor things to consider. If you have a problem, you need to be understood.

How good of a job do you think the truck guys will do? Are they trained? Do they know proper procedures? This also isn’t a minor consideration. Your roof keeps weather and water from ruining your home and possessions. Done poorly you may end up with water problems, mildew and mold problems and lose the things that are important to you. A local company will provide employees who are trained. The business will also be insured, licensed and possibly bonded. The quality of their work will be better, the materials they use will be better, ensuring your home is protected.

What about a warranty? Do you want to be sure that the work done has a warranty behind it if something happens down the road? Those truck guys can’t provide that, and in fact could end up doing something to void the warranty on the materials you buy or they provide. Besides the fact that they won’t be around if something goes wrong in the first place.

There is nothing more expensive than having to hire a trained professional to fix an unprofessional’s mistakes. Do it right the first time.

Hire a local company not a fly by night. Your home will thank you for it. So will your pocket book.

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