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What to do When Your Roof Leaks

Uh oh… you come home to water puddling on the floor and a stain on the ceiling. The roof is leaking! So what should you do when your roof leaks?

What to do When Your Roof LeaksClean up:

First, clean up the mess to keep damage to the inside of your house to a minimum.  Move furniture, mop up water before it damages flooring and put something under the leak to contain it.  You also should call your homeowners insurance company!  If you rent, call the landlord ASAP.  In either situation, get someone out there to assess the damage to the home and help you clean up.

Inspect the Roof:

Next, find someone to inspect the roof and get to the bottom of the water problem when your roof leaks.  They should check for things like sources of standing or pooling water, clogged gutters and downspouts, damaged roofing materials or problems with flashing around chimneys, dormers, skylights or vents.  Check from the inside and outside.  Sometimes looking in the attic space can give a good idea of where water is coming in.  If it’s the gutters and downspouts, and not a true roof leak, clean them.

Fix the Roof Leak:

Lastly, if your roof leaks get the problem fixed!  Call a roofing contractor to fix whatever issues are allowing water into your home.  Call several and get estimates.  Use the one with the best reputation, not the cheapest price.  You may just need to re-shingle a spot or a few places.  You may need a new roof.  You will certainly need to replace everything around a leak, from underlayment to shingles.  Leaving water damaged materials will invite all sorts of problems from mold to bugs.  You may be able to fix one section, and then seal your whole roof.  Look at several options that give your home the best protection.  A reputable professional will be the one that wants to be sure your home and everything in it is protected.

The roofing professional should be able to tell you how to avoid future leaks and provide a good maintenance routine.  Follow their advice and you may find that future leaks never happen…because you catch them before they do.

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