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Roof Cleaning: Myths and Misconceptions Exposed

Roof cleaning believe it or not has many myths and misconceptions. Many people think it is an easy job, just need some water and cleaner!

But if you ask people about how to care for their roof, they will answer with some of the common misconceptions about the hows and whys. Here are the most common ones:

Roof Cleaning: Myths and Misconceptions ExposedCleaning a roof is easy, so I can do it myself. Well, not so much. Most people don’t have the know-how, but even if they did, it is very easy to damage your roof, your home and yourself. Can you stand on an angled surface and work and keep your balance? Can you stand on a ladder and do the same? Standing on the ground and trying to do it will cause even more damage to your roof due to water forced behind siding or under shingles.

High pressure washing is the only way to clean a roof. Wrong again. High pressure washing actually damages your roof. Too much pressure will force water behind siding and under shingles, causing mold and mildew problems to the home. High pressure water can actually cut though materials like wood and asphalt shingles. High pressure washing cuts the life of your roof.
Cleaners that contractors use damage or kill plants or hurt pets and wildlife.

Quality contractors use environmentally friendly products for roof cleaning. They also take precautions to protect plants, pets and wildlife. Plants will be covered and later rinsed to protect them. Remember, though, that some plants can be damaged by covering them. Roofing contractors have enough experience to know the best way to handle landscaping.

If your roof has black gunk or black streaks it has to be placed. Maybe or maybe not. Algae and mildew/mold can be cleaned, but if it is too prevalent or has caused too much damage, you may have to replace the roof. A professional knows the difference and can tell you which is necessary.

Hire the company that has the lowest price and will quote over the phone. Possibly wrong and definitely wrong. The company with the lowest price may or may not be the best for the job. You need to look for the company with the best and right equipment, cleaners, insurance, knowledge and professionalism. That may mean paying a bit more, but in the long run, the cheapest may cost you damage to your home and belongings. That also means they can’t possibly give you a quote over the phone. While many companies charge by the square foot, there are too many other things that can affect price: roof condition, odd angles, type of roofing materials, landscaping and precautions needed and so forth.
So hire the best, and get your roof cleaning job done right.

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