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Replace Your Roof- How Do You Know When it is Time?

Do you know when it’s time to replace your roof? Do you know what to look for? For most people, short of seeing missing shingles, holes or having issues with leaks, they wouldn’t know what signals it’s time to replace the most important thing protecting your biggest investment, your home.

Replace Your Roof- How Do You Know When it is Time?Your roof is probably the single most important protective aspect of your home and keeping it in good shape is important. It is also one of the most important features to the curb appeal of your home. Would you know how to tell if it’s time to replace it? There are a couple things that can clue you in. Here are a few.

The age of your roof

First sign it’s time to replace your roof is the age of the roof. An asphalt shingle roof is starting to become old after about 10 or so years. Another sign is missing granules. Granules are the small pieces stuck in the shingles, and while it’s common to have some in your gutters when it is new, if it is getting older it’s a sign you need to do something. Curled edges on shingles or buckling are also signs of trouble. Each may be a quick fix, but if left unchecked can cause serious damage to your home. Rotting is another sign. If moisture is absorbed into the shingle or underlayment, rotting can cause serious problems.


Here are a few more issues to look for that will tell you when it’s time to replace your roof. Blistering happens in non-organic shingles and is caused by moisture trapped in them. Blisters can lead to rot or water intrusion into the underlayment or into the home. Roofs with organic types of materials, like wood shake shingles or clay, have other challenges as well. One is moss or algae growth. This problem is common in humid climates like Florida.


Another issue is splitting which can happen because of aging or by stress from walking on the roof or something hitting it. Splitting allows water infiltration and further damage. Like all other wooden parts of your home, wood shakes are also susceptible to termites.

Ceiling spots

One thing you don’t want to see is ceiling spots. While they can be caused by pipe leaks or other water issues, they often mean you have some roof issues. If you see any of these signs, call a roofing professional to inspect your roof and help you fix any problems.

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