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Realtor Tips – Fixing Their Roof before They List

If you as a Realtor want to sell a house, fixing their roof before they list might be needed in order to get top dollar for their home. Taking a good hard look at what improvements must be done before you ever put up a sign
Realtor Tips - Fixing Their Roof before They Listmakes sense as a Realtor helping your seller make good decisions. Fixing their roof may have to be on the list of repairs, and whether fixing may mean repairing it or replacing it. A heart to heart as a Realtor can help your seller decide.

One of the things you should recommend the seller do before listing is have an inspector come through and give them an idea of what things must be fixed. For the roof, have a roofing professional come and inspect the roof. Someone with a solid professional knowledge about roofing structure is a must. There are situations where a roof doesn’t need to be completely torn off and replaced, but others where it is. A general home inspector may miss important details, or may say “replace it” to cover their butts.

The problem is, replacing a roof is a big expense. What if the seller would save that expense by fixing their roof by repairing and recoating it? If they could present a roof that won’t need replacement for an additional 12 years from their roof, with no leaks, mold or algae, and lower energy bills, to a buyer, do you think they would positively think about buying their home? Recoating the roof is another answer. Think about it, you as a Realtor while showing the home can tell a prospective buyer that by the time the roof needs attention again, they will have 10+ years of equity built up in it to help pay for its replacement.

Pay attention to what the inspector says and recommend that they replace it if they must. But if you find that the age of their roof means they might just be headed to replacement time, try recommending fixing their roof by sealing it instead. Your prospective buyers will thank you too!

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